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For the Do-It-Yourself Couple (and those who just want more)

I am a DIYer at heart.  I grew up watching This Old House and listening to Car Talk so it felt natural to DIY relationship stuff too, and I did DIY my own relationships for a long time (with varying success). There are lots of ways that we can work on relationships to improve them that don’t require therapy.  Sometimes we just need a little info and a way to get the conversation started with our partner.  My goal is to give you researched information, share some skills and tips and then suggest ways to talk about this with your partner (or you can even read the blog together and talk about what you read).  As you are reading, if you agree with me, GREAT! If you don’t agree with me, as long as you are connecting with your partner I consider it "mission accomplished".  If you have already been to therapy these topics can be used a great tune up to keep your relationship running smoothly.





First Aid
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