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Andrea Horowitz, LMHC
Gottman Therapist in NY and MA

Your Love. Your Relationship.
My Guidance.
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My mission is to bring the fun and passion back to committed relationships.

You are pulled in so many directions and have so many conflicting priorities that it is easy for your relationship to take a back seat.  Not to mention that when you do have time for your relationship you are tired or just need downtime and end up watching Netflix, without the chill.

I support my couples in working through their stuck spaces, open up communication, and grow together in love and understanding.  Building stronger relationships takes commitment and the openness to learn some new skills.  I'll provide the structure, safe zone and the skills. You bring the commitment, love and willingness to work together.

You might be wondering how I do that...


When we are working together the two of you will be talking with one another about the topics that you want to talk about.  During your conversation I will be there to help you talk about it in a way that brings you closer and gets to the deeper parts of the issue.  I also know what it is like to try to carve out time for a relationship, or therapy, which is why I conduct all sessions online to take some pressure off scheduling. You can be in session anywhere that is private (in the states of NY, MA or WI).  

Why work with me?

  • You want your relationship to be amazing, fun and exciting. 

  • You’ve read the books together, listened to podcasts, read more books, and tried all sorts of apps  but things still feel distant and disconnected.

  • You’re trying all the things but it feels like it isn’t working and your wondering if there is some bigger problem. 


Not to worry!  You are on the right track and all of your hard work will pay off.  You’ve laid a great foundation and I can help get you the rest of the way there.  Sometimes we just need a little extra guidance, another set of eyes to see what might be tripping you up.  It also helps to have a partner in your journey, with a few tricks of her own,  that can support you.

Going from Ok to Amazing!

I know what it is like to be in a long term relationship that has gotten swamped by life.  I have read the books (I LOVE books!), listened to the podcasts, and done the quizzes (my love languages are words of affirmation and acts of service) and yes, gone to therapy with my husband. (Super helpful, Thank you Shaina!)

We are all on a journey and mine is not really that different from yours.  I see the therapeutic process as a parallel one.  Think of it like we are mountain climbers, you and your partner on one mountain and me and my partner on another.  I can see your mountain from where I am.  It allows me to see the obstacles that are keeping you stuck  that may be difficult for you to see.   I can walk you through those obstacles while teaching you how to identify and navigate them more easily next time, hopefully on your own. 

I decided to take my love of helping others and relationships a few steps further and took  Level 1, 2, and 3 Gottman training and am currently in the certification track. 


I also became a Bringing Baby Home Educator, to learn about the transition to parenthood and how to keep relationships strong during that big change in life. 


I love the flexibility of the Gottman model and how so much of it applies to all relationships, not just romantic ones.  That means that the work you do in session can improve not only your relationship with your partner but your relationship with your parents, children, siblings, friends and co-workers. 


Cool, right?!?

Ways that I help

We work together through conversations that will reconnect you and get you back on the same page.

Not everyone needs therapy.  Sometimes we just need a boost, a relationship pick me up.  Workshops are also a great way to introduce a reluctant partner to the idea of therapy.

I support individuals going through couples therapy with another therapist and want to explore their anxiety, trauma or substance use more deeply.

Why I do what I do

I believe that healthy relationships are integral to healthy families and healthy communities.  We each can impact our world by how we show up in our most intimate relationships with partners, family, friends and ourselves.


The Technical Stuff (and More)

Licenses and Certifications

  • New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor - 2013

  • Massachusetts Licensed Mental Health Counselor - 2013

  • Wisconin Licensed Professional Counselor - 2023

  • Board Certified Tele-Mental Health Counselor - 2017


  • University at Albany - MA Biology, 1999

  • The College of Saint Rose - MS Ed. Concentration in Mental Health Counseling,  2011

Additional Training:

Fun facts:

  • I met my husband ballroom dancing in college (yup, true story).

  • I had a horse for 15 years.  She was influential in my becoming a therapist. (That's her and I in the picture.)

  • Before I was a therapist I was a dog trainer, store manager, and executive administrative assistant (not actually in that order).

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