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in NY and MA

Bringing you closer,
one  conversation at at time.

Are you tired of just 'managing tasks' together?

Things aren't bad they just aren't as good as they could be.  The relationship you had seems like a memory, and a place you would like to get back to.  It can be scary to think that the love you had will just fizzle away.

Your relationship, and your satisfaction with it, impacts all areas of your life.

Are you feeling:

  • Lonely

  • Judgmental of yourself, your partner, kids or friends

  • Tired or overwhelmed

  • Resentful

  • Easily Irritated

  • Sad

  • Feeling conflicted (ie: want to spend time alone and also wanting to spend time with your partner).

Couple on Jetski

Imagine sharing your stressors and dreams with each other.

Imagine feeling a deep sense of connection and love.

Imagine being playful and having fun.

You can do all of that and more!
  • Improve communication about issues in your relationship

  • Reduce resentment and distance

  • Identify shared dreams and values

  • Prioritize your relationship and your connection

  • Learn tools that will transform all the important relationships in your life!  (Yup, these work for kids, family and co-workers!)

Together we can look at the unhelpful patterns that have created distance and replace them with new ways of talking with each other that allow problems to be addressed, needs to be met and connection to grow.  I have a tool box full of tools that can help you to re-connect and prevent you from getting back to this stuck spot.

Sunset Romance

Your love is worth investing in!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this process look like?

First we start with a thorough assessment.  We need to know where we are before can can figure out how to get where we are going.  We will do a 3 session assessment process.  The first session will be all three of us.  We will talk about your relationship; how it started, what you have been through in your relationship, what you miss and would want to get back and how you would like me to help. 


Next you will both complete the Gottman Relationship Checkup, and online assessment tool that looks at areas of relationship satisfaction and general mental health.  (Don't worry it's not too bad.)  The second and third sessions will be individual sessions where I meet with each of you and learn about you, your history and what your dreams are for your relationship.   


Our fourth session, you will be together as a couple, is where I give my feedback on where your relationship is strong and the areas that need a little TLC.  Together we will create a plan to bring your relationship to the next level (and beyond).  All sessions after this will be as a couple.

Sessions are 50 minutes long.  Extended sessions and marathon sessions available, rates vary.

Where are sessions held?

I am licensed in  NY, MA and WI.  You will need to be in one of those states in order to have session.  At this point Telehealth is looked at similarly to 'home visits', therefore I need to be licensed where you are physically located at the time of session.  You can be in different locations for session.  For example: One of you can be at home and the other at work (assuming it is a secure location) OR one of you can be in NY and the other in MA.  Of course you can be in the same room sitting together for session also.

All sessions are conducted via a HIPAA compliant (that means super secure) platform.  You will need a computer, phone or tablet with a camera and internet speeds high enough to stream video.  (If you can watch Netflix, you're good.)

How much do sessions cost?

Individual sessions $225 per 50 min

Couples Sessions $275  per 50 min

Gottman Relationship Check up $39 (covers both of you)

Can I use insurance?

I do not accept insurance. If you would like to use your insurance benefits I would recommend speaking with your insurance company about Out of Network benefits.  If you have questions about this please give me a call I would be happy to talk with you about it.  Click here for a tip sheet on how to ask your insurance provider about these benefits.

Are you ready?  Let's do this!  Click one of the buttons below to call me or email me to schedule a 20 min free consult today!

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