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  • Gottman Card Decks

    • Free in App Store and Google play.  Super fun topic starts and a great way to build Love Maps​

  • Spicer​

    • Looking for a way to talk about sex, this can be a fun way to 'swipe' your preferences and start a conversation (or a dare).​

  • Paired​

    • This fun app asks some fun questions, has a monthly check-in quiz and can make a great conversation starter.  There is a paid and free version.​


  • The { }And Card Decks

    • Thought provoking questions that explore different aspects of relationship for all different levels of relationship from New Couples to Long Term Couples.​

  • Talk, Flirt, Dare​

    • You can make this as dirty or clean as you want and it give lots of fun options.​

  • Come as you aren't​

    • A fun game for the role player in all of us.​

Video Games

  • It takes two

    • Only the two of you working together can master the game.  Super fun story line.​

More to come...Stay Tuned!

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