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What to expect:

The first session is an information gathering session.  I want to learn about you, your history and what has brought you to this place in your life.  We will also explore what is keeping you from living the life you want or having the relationship with your partner that you want.  Individual sessions are a great adjunct to couples counseling and having a therapist familiar with the couples process and the skills you are working on together can be a benefit.  My individual specialty is working with people who worry, have a hard time letting go of thoughts and also people who struggle with addiction.  Sessions cost $225 for 50 minutes.

How it works:

All sessions are conducted via a HIPAA compliant (that means super secure) platform.  You will need a computer, phone or tablet with a camera and internet speeds high enough to stream video.  (If you can watch Netflix, you're good.)


Can I use insurance?

I do not accept insurance. If you would like to use your insurance benefits I would recommend speaking with your insurance company about Out of Network benefits.  If you have questions about this please give me a call I would be happy to talk with you about it.  Click here for a tip sheet on how to ask your insurance provider about these benefits.

If this sounds like a good fit, give me a call or email me today!

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