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There are many reasons we fight and even the best couples therapy is not going to prevent disagreements BUT we can learn to disagree without inflicting damage to the relationship or our partner.

In this workshop we will be covering 6 skills for conflict management:

  • How to start a conversation so that you can be heard

  • How to listen to understand your partner

  • How to correct course if things get off track

  • Notice if you are stuck in a toxic pattern of communication and get yourself out of it

  • How to effectively come to a compromise

  • How to soothe yourself and your partner

This course will be held over Zoom for 6 sessions, each about an hour and a half long. 

We will be practicing all of these skills in session.  This workshop is specifically designed for couples although the skills are transferable to any close relationship (e.g. Family, Friends and Children).  Please plan on attending with a partner.

This workshop is not intended for couples who are struggling with domestic violence, serious betrayals or substance abuse.  Please contact me directly if you are looking to work on any of these issues.

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